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The Infusion Nurses Society (INS) is a committed to bringing innovative new resources and opportunities to a wide range of healthcare professionals who are involved with the specialty practices of infusion therapy in the new world of rapid technological advances and dramatic shifts in healthcare delivery.

The Infusion Nurse Society is located in Norwood, Mass, it is a national nonprofit organization founded in 1973. Membership is open to all Healthcare professionals from all practice setting who are involved in or interested in the specialty practice of infusion therapy.  INS is dedicated to advancing the delivery of quality therapy to patients enhancing the specialty through stringent standards of practice and profession ethics and promoting research and education in the infusion nursing practice.

Recognized as the global authority in infusion therapy, INS is dedicated to exceed in the public’s expectation of excellence by setting the standard for infusion care.

INS sets the standard for excellence in infusion nursing by:
  • Developing and disseminating standards of practice
  • Providing profession development opportunities and quality education
  • Advancing the specialty through evidence based practice an research
  • Supporting professional certification
  • Advocating for the public
INS is committed to: 
  • ExcellenceWe are dedicated to continually improving ourselves, our programs and services.
  • IntegrityWE are committed to honesty, trust and respect in all we do.
  • InclusivenessWe encourage and respect diversity of thought and of individuals.
  • InnovationWe promote creativity and inventiveness of ideas and processes.
The South Florida INS Chapter is committed to observing the same vision, mission and values of the INS.